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    This topic just shocked me , I really don't know what to say i don't know how to thank everyone for the best times you guys owe me a lot i wish i could do better but this is the end i'm sorry if i hurt anyone I will always be proud for being a member in this community at the end there is no such a big word than THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH, I wish you all the best and happiness in your life. Admin: [WE]SniperMan
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    I've been away the previous year only to Come and witness this traumatizing news ;'( ,we devoloped Such a bond that i cant sever that easily But since whatever Reasons that made WE scatter imma Just say Thx for the cherished moments that we spent together as well giving me a chance to be a part of this Family wish yall The best in your lives @Sniper 25 @Mr SAN @everybody Much love :3 Farewell.
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    Its being my HONOR to be a part of this great clan only. For 6 years, I have experienced several changes in the clan and met with many new admins. You guys had been great to this clan and contributed utmost to keep this clan alive and one of the best clans ever existed. Would possess various sentiments nurtured on knowing so many unique personalities in this clan and it really hurts a lot to bid farewell to this clan. All of you are engraved on to my memories forever... LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH!! FAREWELL WORLDELITE . . . . Warm Regards to All my little sisters and brothers and some sugar daddys, Bra to some & Brainoo to Naem.
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    There were six great years WE Things and life change over time, but the memories remain the same. Good and bad moments, friends and enemies, no matter what, I wish you all good luck. I'm very proud of every teamwork that I did with you guys. Keep going and success. Sincerely. LDIEGO80
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    First At All .. Thank you WE FAMILY for letting me be part of this AWESOME CLAN ive ever been .. and make me be an Admin .. i guess im the only one Asia people hahaha .. i really shock that i heard My Second Family will be shut down =/ .. i understand many people busy with they real life ..and me too .. im not play MW3 anymore.. but still look at WE discord.. hmmm btw thank you Sniper , Mr.san , Andro , Dushyy , Daddy Javi , Sniperman , Hellcat , Kittycat , Roro , Mugiwara , Alsaefa , Unluckyone , Larisa , Babo , Starkiee , Brainoo , Crizalid , Disaster , Gdarius , Ldiego , Mawur1 , Myke , Nato , Optic , SanD , Purgatory , Red Eye , Streetfigher and other .. im sorry if i miss name to mention .. to many .. i only mention that i remember .. sorry again .. all of you guys always support each other .. and make WE is the Best Clan of MW3 that ive been play .. see you guyss out there Family <3 ..and most important i will be on the Tournament for the last time of WE .. winning or no i dont care .. i just wanna have fun with all my family for the last time <3 F to the A to the R to the E to the W to the E to the L to the L to the W to the O to the R to the L to the D to the E to the L to the I to the T to the E <3 Love From ur Always Happy Admin : N to the A to the E to the M =D
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    We have decided to completely shut down World ELite Community, we had a good run, we had our ups and down, after 6 years of great times and memories, everything comes to an end eventually. I would like to thank everybody who was a part of this great community, AndroiderPwNz who has done a lot of great codes, scripts. Was the first to give a fingerprint on IPban, hwid, xnaban, forcekick, discord bot, developed anti RQ , gun-rotates, huds and the amazing WE AT which included everything and was on top of all provide tools like SAT, SATm and B3,and much more tools and efforts. Crizalid and LOLO SAN who dedicated their times to create such a fun and friendly community and developed many different versions of websites for this community. Yard and PLR. Dush been with us for long while, helped with many things such as creating discord group and managing many things in this clan. I would also like to thank every member/admin who was a part of this great, unforgettable community World ELite We had many great players/admins/previous owners Previous owners: Vita, Junta, Admins/members: Guard, M@LEK, Blau Grana, ON3EYEDMAN, AngelOfDestiny, S@l@h, AlphaRiz, Crovert, *D.calero19*, Zero2 , Rockstar5024, ARkan, BZ_Op, HarrierStrike, SPARTACUS, lDIEGO80, MIC, Sharkkky, Realize, Savanni, Fluffy Bird, SniperMan, Filipe_Stark, KittyCat, SandD, VialliRM, Optic, Filipe_Stark, MaxPayne, DiSaStErPieCe, ~Ghost, Eugene, Girl_Gamer, f.b.i.Ghost Sofi, mykE, 123 , Al Sapone, al3asefa, Arsalan, Bosnian94, Brainstorm, CR7, Dragonshot, Dusty1, Exile, H3LLCAT, hadi ghost, iA Joshua, javi27, JuGG, TheUnluckyOne, MANOWAR, MeRcY, NaEm, NaTo, Playerciyim, PurgatoryFreak, Roach, Str33tf1ght3r, THe ReD EYE, mawur1, babo, danuuutz3, Mugiwara, SaRi, Pritanis, Matrix, Night wolf, Piso, DaBritishCoconutx, Francesco, Mario, Veronica Sauer, Adam Waheidi, Reaper Crew. Thank you all for being part of this clan and helping out with every possible way, we were more like a family more than a community. We spent great time playing in different games/mods - Modern Warfare 3: infected, isnipe, TDM, MIX, Promod - CS GO - Black Ops II Zombie - Call Of Duty 4 Hope you forgive us if you felt that we might have hurt anyone's feelings in any way Reason for the decision: Most of us are getting busy with life/work, as no much members/admins to take care for the clan as before, I think its time to close this happy part of our life and move on with our lives. **Hope you all understand the situation and how hard it was to come up with this decision P.S : We will keep servers running untill the end of current bill for the HOST. So the Clan will be completely shut down by the end of this month. Sniper 25 if you need anything DM me at discord: Sniper 25#6331
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    It was a great adventure, such family <3 It was the best community ever made I hope all of you will be happy and have a safe journey in life and be happy. The day I got accepted in the clan I was very happy that i checked that post 24/7...Thanks to everyone who rated me in this clan and I hope everyone will be happy in there life. WE shared emotions and shared jokes.Ah man that teamwork on village :3 And the very last thing I'd like to say. Thank you for introducing me into video games <3 Good bye family,Good bye community,Good bye WE,Good bye memories. Stay happy and Peace <3
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    I didn't ban you at first place (it was an ID glitch), not to mention you're unbanned since yesterday ^^.
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    Omg guys Im sry that just now I see this cause I disappear from the face of the earth,the main reason Is that my pc died...was hoping of buying a new one but as always life gets in the way and u need to spend money on something else and still I didnt buy a new one...nevermind that,just wanted to say it was sutch a big HONOR being part of WE!Here I meet some of the best players in cod history and it was a pleasure playing with u all Big respect to all from owners to admins,vip friends and regular players...but my biggest personal gratitude goes to Yard,who first gave me a chance and open the doors to WE and behind those doors I meet u really awesome people ...hope life will treat u good and who knowes,maybe we meet sometimes again:) Your DiSaStErPiEcE !!! <3
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    It's a shame that the clan closed down..(it's an even greater shame that i had a chance to join 6 years ago and when i finally decided to join 6 months ago it gets closed down๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿ˜ญ) but in those 6 odd years I've had a lot of memories..most of it being awesome. Met some great people/friends like. Dush, Brainstorm, Babo, Realize, Mic, Bz, Viallirm, KittyCat, Lolo San the O.G guys. May have forgotten others but whatever. Anyways I wanted to wish all Members of the clan,both new and old, that i wish you all good luck in whatever the future bestows upon us whether you're joining a new clan or just not gonna play the game anymore. Good luck and i wish you all the best. ๐Ÿ˜ญ
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    Well this clan helped me to change my self into a good boy and i am thankful for this clan and i had a great Time with you guys i am really Feeling Sad for hearing it wish you all the best in your Life Good Luck <3 Special @Sniper 25
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    It was great 5 years for me. Used to play MW3 just because of WE. 5 years of great memories. Sad to see the clan closing best wishes with WE. alpha!
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    Everyone knows that i m hacker.. But you dont believe me that i still love WE. If you ban me but i never think against WE. I love WE and WE admins special @MaxPayne @SaRi @Night wolf These are my best friends ever. MaxPayne i know you never forgive me but now its end I think we have to forget all previous things which i do. And Lets become friends again. Other WE admins are also uncommentable these are very strict in following rules special PLR.DUSH. I just want that to forgive me And Dont close Discord group. Now you have no more servers in COD and CS.GO life. Wish you best in your life. Just i want to unban me from your discord its good for me. I think you will forgive me. I have feelings for you. Don't close/end Discord group. It keeps us together. My discord tag is โ“ˆโ“Ÿโ“˜โ““โ“”โ“กโ“œโ“โ“#9866 Forgive Me. Great Regards, GamesWorld