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  1. Omg guys Im sry that just now I see this cause I disappear from the face of the earth,the main reason Is that my pc died...was hoping of buying a new one but as always life gets in the way and u need to spend money on something else and still I didnt buy a new one...nevermind that,just wanted to say it was sutch a big HONOR being part of WE!Here I meet some of the best players in cod history and it was a pleasure playing with u all Big respect to all from owners to admins,vip friends and regular players...but my biggest personal gratitude goes to Yard,who first gave me a chance and open the doors to WE and behind those doors I meet u really awesome people ...hope life will treat u good and who knowes,maybe we meet sometimes again:) Your DiSaStErPiEcE !!! <3
  2. I must say CONGRATS all!And tnx
  3. approved

    The only thing bad about u is your ping but u are active on We always behaving yourself...so yeah from me +1
  4. approved

    +1 good luck
  5. approved

    Adam to be honest...Where I play on WE servers I dont see u that much so I dont know how are u behaving with others...and I dont want to believe what others say and dont make some judging from words of others,maybe u are ok maybe u are not,mature or not...Im twice your age so I will know in both cases ...I have nothing personal against u so Im neutral...let others decide who knowes u better than me
  6. approved

    When I saw applications...I remember the names Dizzy and u...both of u applied so yes,active respectful... +1
  7. approved

    +1 from me,active and talented
  8. declined

    Join our server more often so we can all get to know u...see the way u play and behave
  9. Congrats guys...keep rocking in this year as well <3
  10. approved

    U are active player+1
  11. declined

    If Sari and Maw are ok...Im ok as well +1
  12. Tnx a lot guys...really glad being part of this community