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  1. WELCOME BACK mate!
  2. Many players don't have Dlc maps. Still -1 from me.
  3. Welcome back
  4. banned Can you explain that kill? I don't think that this is only luck.
  5. Welcome back bro.
  6. Another -1 man, sorry. Its a chance for infected to kill human.
  7. Absolutely not. INF will become boring if we add secondary weapon. Even now is hard to kill humans, imagine if they have a pistol too. -1
  8. un-banned

    Donald_Trump you are unbanned. Sorry for the mistake. T/C
  9. un-banned

    No , you weren't the only that told me this.
  10. un-banned

    Some admin (don't remember who) told me that Stark banned him in TDM for wh. I trust admins, so I banned him.
  11. I think that many players want to play INF. When I joined Tekno, I always played Inf, but iSnipe isn't a bad idea. And +1 about DLC
  12. Happy birthday again
  13. Welcome back bro ✌?