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  1. I cant believe i read all of it nah i lied ?
  2. un-banned

    совпадение - плохое оправдание вы не можете просто сказать, что это было чистое совпадение
  3. un-banned

    Я уже знаю о камне, его просто убийство было настолько странным, что вообще не было инфицированных людей, и вы ждали меня и убили, когда я добрался до камня это было убийство снайпера, если бы это было другое оружие, я бы сказал, что это нормально, это был случайный выстрел
  4. un-banned

    Explain in russian i can use google .___.
  5. un-banned

    i will let the others decide the story
  6. un-banned

  7. its not my problem how you gonna get evidence to prove youre clean i got my evidence that youre hacking its your time to shine since you dont have anything else to add and you keep repeating old statements i will end this chat here STAYING BANNED T/C
  8. that wasnt very convincing you cant just get a kill like that and say its possible to get such kill if you have anything else to add i suggest you add it right now otherwise i will have to close the topic
  9. bag? im not sure what you meant by that its not impossible unless u were not doing anything at all while infecteds were away and you kill the infected AS SOON AS YOU GOT THE CHANCE TO anyways if you cant prove youre innocent the ban will stay
  10. i am the one who told SandD to ban you please carefully check your own demo and tell me how you got the shot in the glitch rock i was not there before and you were not shooting constantly to see if anyone is in the rock you shot as soon as i got there without missing or anything
  11. declined

    so the case is 'attempting to hack' which considered as using hacks as you were not able to use them in game because of the anti cheat in other words you would've used it if you could so that means you're gonna stay banned T/C
  12. Nice job, as i said b4 not as good as me but good im just kidding i sux ABEEE OUR NAME IS TOGETHER <3
  13. un-banned

    Unbanned T/C
  14. un-banned

    could you please provide the demo from dome?
  15. un-banned

    unbanned T/C