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  1. Ye, seems fishy but why is it just 1 kill I usually don't ban only bcs 1 kill So either wait for another admin to check as well or send more...
  2. Do we really need to ban this account of yours as well ?
  3. Wish the best for you
  5. ironsight

    I said the same
  6. approved

    I guess it's bcs now I don't play daily there as I was doing and when I do I am mostly undercover xdd Also, considering the fact that u are playing with Ldiego it means u are playing when it's night for me and I usually don't play at that time
  7. declined

    I am honestly telling u that I've never seen u playing, maybe i don't remember but I doubt... Anyway, lets see what the other admins say
  8. approved

    Have seen you pretty active on our promod server Don't think I have seen u on the other servers so I would say that it will be good if u play there too from time to time Anyway, I will give u a chance +1
  9. approved

  10. approved

    Reporting players, active, follows rules and already has Friend Rank so +1
  11. approved

    Well, it seems that you understood the rules too, and u know that I mean rule 2 Anyway, active so i guess +1
  12. approved

    Active, reporting hackers I would say +1
  13. approved

    I have seen clearly some differences in all this period of time, you changed and if we are to compare how u were like 1 year ago and how u are now I would say it's a nice result So I'll give u chance and I will vote +1
  14. un-banned

    As I told u on discord too, that's weird I didn't ban you and since most probably is everything about an ID thief i will unban you immediately T/C.
  15. Well what can I say D: Good luck in your life, take care and have fun <3 Imma miss you, even tho we didn't play so many times together