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  1. Do we really need to ban this account of yours as well ?
  2. ironsight

    I said the same
  3. un-banned

    As I told u on discord too, that's weird I didn't ban you and since most probably is everything about an ID thief i will unban you immediately T/C.
  4. Welcome here nubby :3 Hope you will enjoy playing in our server/servers and chatting with us <3
  5. Without your demo we can't unban you.
  6. un-banned

    Most probably was an ID thief, u are unbanned.
  7. Are you sure that u are banned?
  8. Well Stark is kinda right, it's not so important But also I'm not against, so neutral vote for this idea :v
  9. Ah, so you mean everyone from a certain rank to wear the same color for clan tag
  10. You mean on servers?
  11. Wanna bet?
  12. un-banned

    After checking your demo we came up with the conclusion that you are clean so you are unbanned. T/C
  13. I am a strong and independent woman.
  14. AHAHAHAHAHAHA indeed Now As a conclusion You won't get unbaned T/C
  15. I think This is the best comedy show I could ever watch Keep going