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  1. Hi there , hope that you are good . So I was wondering guys , why you don't add to signature to this new website as old one .... So basically who don't know signature , it's a picture or a gif that you leave it every time under your comment or something .... And every one of you will have his own signature ...... Sooooo I wish that you could add it guys Notice : Please vote for this by replying +1 or -1 Have a good day all
  2. Yes , but even high fps need to strafe
  3. Hi all , So I made this short tips and tricks video for infected ... Hope that you will like it Notice : Part 2 coming soon .... Credits : @Canon @mawur1 @SniperMan
  4. Ummm ..... Ok it's your choice guys , Have a good day all
  5. Ok , I understand now ... But what about removing Rpg and Smaw from gun rotation .. Or remove it just in hards maps , like interchange , hardhat , mission , bakarra ..ect Give me your opinion
  6. Hi all , So I was wondering guys if you can add a secondary weapon to inf2 ... For example (usp,deagle or five seven) But no akimbo and only pistols .... That's will make our inf server littel special and will make the gameplay fun to all players Notice !! : Please give me your opinion guys about my suggestion by replying +1 or -1 HAVE A GOOD DAY ALLLL <3
  7. Hello there , so today I wanted to show you the importance of fps in mw3 ... Hope you like it
  8. Hi all So I made this littel work for the clan , it's a clan trailer that i did it in a short time .. Sorry for the quality and for the shity montages . I promise that I will make more with pro softwares , and the coming one will be much good and AWSOME