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  1. you are noob karashit
  2. no
  3. Well this clan helped me to change my self into a good boy and i am thankful for this clan and i had a great Time with you guys i am really Feeling Sad for hearing it wish you all the best in your Life Good Luck <3 Special @Sniper 25
  4. the best man that i have seen him knifing like it in my life keep it up mate <3 and good job
  5. +1 for every map dlc most of players came to server inf2 when they saw dlc maps
  6. Good Luck everyone have fun
  7. we are stronger than the other team xDDDD
  8. Im in GMT +2:00 like Mr san
  9. WoW Good job ????MR San???? you are the best keep it up if I use aimbot to I will kill 200 ????
  10. Unbelievable it's awesome good job and it's more than amazing keep it up bro ?????? i don't know what should be say more I can't find the words
  11. no delete just dw if that doesn't work delete the config and download another one or the game will give you it that's happen to me too and I fix this by doing these things
  12. nice job hadi thank you I hope that's working for me too
  13. Good job nice and nice song haha