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  1. @Dush and me against , hmmmm this is going to be one balanced match
  2. Locked and loaded, GMT +3:00
  3. When I joined I only saw you killing the guy behind the box. But in your demo There was a skull in there so you knew your teammate got killed and killed the guy behind the box on blind trial. I believe you , and have notified the upper tier admins to be the jury here. Thank you for your patience.
  4. Hey everyone! more than a year ago , I left this community as well as the game ( or literally any sort of leisure or recreation) with a big ass Goodbye. But Now I'm here to announce that I'm back to the game. I've missed everything and everyone , the memories are just too precious to permanently disband you lot <3. Without further talk , I'M BACK! Hoping to see my fellow old comrades in the game soon.