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  1. @Dush and me against , hmmmm this is going to be one balanced match
  2. Thank You. Congratulations Lads <3
  3. Locked and loaded, GMT +3:00
  4. declined

    Neutral vote from me. We don't know how you'd handle situations under duress
  5. approved

    He a pro , +1 <3
  6. declined

    Sorry i haven't seen ya lad.
  7. approved

    Gut +1
  8. declined

    +1 from me , my buddy. Just be more active <3
  9. approved

    +1 , She is gut
  10. approved

    Active , Respectful ,humorous and there is obviously no doubt here , he's a 4+ year veteran. +1
  11. approved

    Haven't seen you playing anywhere lately.. not in a place to judge your performance.
  12. approved

    Active and Loyal. and (secretly) BABE <3 . Definitely +1
  13. @GamesWorld I need to make this clear to you.Don't be delusional. Admins are the ones who will decide to approve you or disapprove you. Stop making topics and replies about application in all the places. When the apps will open up , You'll see it right here on the website just like all the other people. You need to be substantially patient and let us do our jobs.
  14. Farewell brother. Didn't get to know you a lot but it's never a good thing to see a positive member leave. May the odds be in your favor.
  15. When I joined I only saw you killing the guy behind the box. But in your demo There was a skull in there so you knew your teammate got killed and killed the guy behind the box on blind trial. I believe you , and have notified the upper tier admins to be the jury here. Thank you for your patience.