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  1. Hello! Faced the problem of FPS after the next update of Windows 10. All who need a new unlocker - you can download it from the link: Всем привет! Столкнулся с проблемой фпс после очередного обновления виндовс 10. Все кому нужен рабочий новый анлокер - можете скачать его по ссылке
  2. Hello! I noticed that the server WE TDM is always empty. Saw on some other servers is an emulator of players. Ie when the server is empty - the menu is displayed 14/18 and many players connect. Is it possible to put such an emulator on the server TDM and sometimes on WE inf? When the server becomes popular, you can disable this feature. Tnx.
  3. un-banned

    Idk whats happen, on message date 10.03.208/ But I was play every days.... On link - my last game today
  4. Unban Request by Nickosat 1) Server you were banned from : World ELite Server INF2 2) Nickname: Reaper Crew 3) screenshot of the message when you try to connect : 4) Date of ban : 03/10/2018 5) What happened exactly ? IDK what happen, I was play 26.03.2018 - and I have this mss 6) Proof/Reason why you should get unbanned :
  5. Yes, Lara)
  6. Yep, on servers... If admin new and hes rank 10 - hes must use ^1WE, if admin have rank 20 - hes must use ^2WE, rank 30 - ^3WE and.... As well as military rank...)))
  7. gaming music

    Cool song! But the game is very similar to Prince of Persia) Personally for me)
  8. Hey all! My suggestion is to make a clan for admins like the military rank. Only the title - color. If the admin is new and his rank is 10 - the color of his clan is white, if rank 30 is black and so on. The colors are up to you. Thank you.
  9. tnx for information!
  10. Tnx for this file) With this file my fps is better) Can anyone ask me - what fps its normal for my PC? My PC - i7 7700, RAM - 2*4gb dd4, Grafic card - GTX 1060 6gb Asus strix Tnx)
  11. DLC its good map! If players dont have DLC maps - not hard download maps) +1
  12. un-banned

    Hello, dear admins! What is result of my request on ubnan? What I can do for my ubnan? I like this server and I never used haks! Thanks and sorry for disturb!
  13. un-banned

    Tell me please - what proof u need? I send you hes. Why u not want that? On demo - I am only shoot. I do not know that you stay from the rock. I kill you for 1shoot - because its powerful snipe. If I shoot from pistol - I not kill you, friend.