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  1. so the hunters are : dizzy , criz , mr san , and zero hehehe ez win
  2. Me too GMT +2
  3. unbanned

    Mention*: i don't expect getting unbaned bc i dont have the real demo as explained and as the unban request warning says "Don't ask for unban if you don't have a proof " but it worth the try
  4. Unban Request by EyePatch 1) Server you were banned from : World ELite Server TDM 2) Nickname: ~Sasuke~ , ~Sasuke~ Shrood 3) screenshot of the message when you try to connect : iw5mp 2017-12-18 14-13-04-99.bmp iw5mp 2017-12-18 14-13-04-99.bmp 4) Date of ban : 12/16/2017 5) What happened exactly ? i joined the server 15-12 at afternoon there was no one online then left i tried to rejoin on 16-12 at 2 AM i think and then it said i was banned bc i had disabled theater recording at 14-12 i dont have any other demo after that day so i posted the last demo 6) Proof/Reason why you should get unbanned : http://www.mediafire.com/file/of94f54sxy3ddpp/x00b4_5a3257ea.demo