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  1. It's a shame that the clan closed down..(it's an even greater shame that i had a chance to join 6 years ago and when i finally decided to join 6 months ago it gets closed down😒😫😟😭) but in those 6 odd years I've had a lot of memories..most of it being awesome. Met some great people/friends like. Dush, Brainstorm, Babo, Realize, Mic, Bz, Viallirm, KittyCat, Lolo San the O.G guys. May have forgotten others but whatever. Anyways I wanted to wish all Members of the clan,both new and old, that i wish you all good luck in whatever the future bestows upon us whether you're joining a new clan or just not gonna play the game anymore. Good luck and i wish you all the best. 😭
  2. Aww I missed you too wushy ?
  3. Oh yes I know I've been told but oh well such is life.?
  4. Hellur hellur to my old friends here ,who remembers be as Matrix/Right Boob ??, or my new name which is a bit.....special...Sex ?? anyways hai!!!