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  1. It's a shame that the clan closed down..(it's an even greater shame that i had a chance to join 6 years ago and when i finally decided to join 6 months ago it gets closed down😒😫😟😭) but in those 6 odd years I've had a lot of memories..most of it being awesome. Met some great people/friends like. Dush, Brainstorm, Babo, Realize, Mic, Bz, Viallirm, KittyCat, Lolo San the O.G guys. May have forgotten others but whatever. Anyways I wanted to wish all Members of the clan,both new and old, that i wish you all good luck in whatever the future bestows upon us whether you're joining a new clan or just not gonna play the game anymore. Good luck and i wish you all the best. 😭
  2. Liar you just edit it in!!! :'( you forgot me
  3. You forgot my name but okay... Bye 😒😒
  4. approved

    Pretty active and follows the rules +1
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    Oh Adam thought long and hard about this. Might as well give you a +1... Don't make me regret it please...
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    +1...But try to be active on the MIX/INFECTED/TDM server so more Admins can get familiar with you
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    +1 active and follows the rules
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    Quite active,follows the rules +1
  11. Application by Matrix 1) What is your '' in-game '' name ? Right Boob 2) How old are you ? 22 3) Where are you from ? Trinidad and Tobago 4) which game/s you applying for ? MW3 5) Since when you playing this game ? 2011 6) Have you ever been in other clan ? BP,MSA,KAS,RGN,i7,xR 7) Your Experience with the Commands ? Pretty good 8) What do you applying for ? {Member/Friend} and why do you want to be part of us ? Member. I am applying because I've always liked the members of this clan from way back when and always regretted not joining to me with the guys who where there considered each other really good friends and family. 9) Can you donate for World Elite ? Sure i can.
  12. Aww I missed you too wushy ?
  13. Oh yes I know I've been told but oh well such is life.?