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  1. You forgive me? guys @Matrix @lDIEGO80 @Brainstorm Tell me... IF you forgive me then i sleep without any tension.
  2. ok
  3. Guys you FORGIVE me? Tell me......................
  4. Everyone feelings sad. my feelings also sad hope you forgive me>>>>> and i just have only one request unban me from your discord i m highly requested. i never do hacks again this the last promise with WE. I want to become your friend. my discord tag is: Spiderman#9866 Forgive Me. Great Regards, GamesWorld/Spiderman
  5. And if possible give me B3 of discord and server also.
  6. Hi Admins...... I heared news that that WORLDELITE are going to end.... I am thinking to get some scripts from you. Can you please give me your all WE scripts? I have to use it on my Server...I wanna check it.... All your scripts. Its so sad that WE are going to end... But i dont want that Peoples start leaving MW3 WORLD. I just want that peoples will play here. So,I have to make my server like you..Then peoples like my server also.And it will become the remarkable memories of WORLDELITE SERVERS. Thats why i wanted your scripts. Give me scripts in Discord. My discord is: Spiderman#9866 or you can send in PM msg in this website....I m very thankful to you..
  7. Good Luck Guys. My wish to keep successing in your life. be brave like an admin also. be awesome like an admin also. be trustful like an admin also.
  8. @Adamwaheidi You correct this clan helped me also to make me a good boy. I am also very thank full to this clan. My all hacks DELETED. And i promise to WE i never use hacks in any thing. Thanks WorldElite
  9. Everyone knows that i m hacker.. But you dont believe me that i still love WE. If you ban me but i never think against WE. I love WE and WE admins special @MaxPayne @SaRi @Night wolf These are my best friends ever. MaxPayne i know you never forgive me but now its end I think we have to forget all previous things which i do. And Lets become friends again. Other WE admins are also uncommentable these are very strict in following rules special PLR.DUSH. I just want that to forgive me And Dont close Discord group. Now you have no more servers in COD and CS.GO life. Wish you best in your life. Just i want to unban me from your discord its good for me. I think you will forgive me. I have feelings for you. Don't close/end Discord group. It keeps us together. My discord tag is Ⓢⓟⓘⓓⓔⓡⓜⓐⓝ#9866 Forgive Me. Great Regards, GamesWorld
  10. Why not? You can do
  11. I learned my mistake....Everyone knows what i do....Its time to forgive me....I swear i never do again......Now i am trusted,loyal.....Unban me from WE discord and all servers.....I really learned my mistake....I wanna play on your servers......Kindly forgive me....give me one more chance....I got many changes with due respectively......I never do hacks and fake names again.... MY name: GamesWorld I Promised
  12. Hi I download T6. i saw your servers in mp bo2..and i think i saw your server in zm also But most of the servers are empty in T6. Can you tell me why? any WE admin plays in bo2 servers?
  13. @MaxPayne FROM ME?
  14. @MaxPayne hope you are independent but not strong until i am there
  15. @PLR. Dush why I won't get unbanned?