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  1. YxY

    Unfortunately some servers may cause this to happen. If you want to fix it, and don't care about losing classes/stats, you can then change the ID in your teknogods.ini file, in the mw3 directory (even by changing just a letter)
  2. Unbanned, sorry for the inconvenience. T/C.
  3. Although it is possible, we won't use this as it would be an unfair move for both other server owners and especially our players. It would only result in a total loss of the player base, as happened on most of the servers who used this in past.
  4. Janji - Heroes tonight (
  5. Welcome back!
  6. Nice, although, community looks a bit too "rusty" to me
  7. Welcome back
  8. Signatures were mainly used to spam huge 1920x1080 images or texts with fonts over 9999. I don't feel their need. And even if I did they should be restricted.
  9. un-banned

  10. Clearly an h@x0r, specialized in thefts
  11. I'd say INF won't be replaced any time soon. It's what the clan is born with and what it will continue with. This might be an additional server, if it gains popularity, in the case it is made.
  12. Happy birthday!
  13. Happy birthday!
  14. Hello guys, here is a simple tutorial to recover your stats & classes in case, with the update, you lost them. So let's begin. 1) Go to your Tekno folder, into dw: 2) Then locate the files ending by .stat (That's your profile files). 3) Then copy the last 8 numbers/letters from the profile you're looking for (Latest by date or whatever you please, if you can't find the one you want, simply try all of them) 4) Now, go into your teknogods.ini file, and in ID line, paste those 8 chars P.S (1): To enlarge images, click on them. P.S (2): If you've problems, feel free to open a thread in "Help" section. P.S (3): If it didn't work, copy the profile from the dw folder into your mw3 root folder.