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  1. Yeah i wasn't sure, it could be a lucky kill but that text thing showed at your kill camera made me ban you, server crashes used to have something similar. i realize that some players using it and i don't know why . unabnned anyway
  2. This limitation is due to COD4 itself, for now you can simply download the mode manually Download the the mod from below, extract the file then copy the folder to your Mods folder . Hide and seek : https://www.moddb.com/downloads/start/107451
  3. [simple] If you you're new to COD4 and you having the issue that Mods servers are not in the list then do the following : - Search in the list for WorldELite Server Hns - If you don't find it then click on Filter Servers, and change mods to All . check again and join us
  4. Part One: Get the game files. 1 You can download it from this direct link. (Safe and Recommended) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1i8rS2EHQ81dy65ZGbf3mUToWUEJlT1mx 2 Or you can simply download it from NOSteam. Download Full Game only, no need for Patch or anything else . then your will be ready. So you can skip to Part Three https://www.nosteam.ro/index.php?topic=11.msg11#msg11 3 If you own the original game then you're good to go, Skip this to Part Two Part Two: Update your game to Cod4x18 -17.7 This Part is needed if you followed 1 or 3 in Part One - Go https://cod4x.me/ and download Windows Client (17.7) - Extract the folder cod4x18_v17_7_client in Root COD4 folder. - Then click Install.cmd to install the 1.8 Client. - Then Open iw3mp.exe and check out the version . - Enjoy the Video below shows Part Two step by step. Part Three: [Optional] get the mods ready. This Part provides information and fixes to some issues related mostly to mods servers in COD4. - If Have troubles finding our servers, you can always save time and effort by joining directly from the browser Here - If you don't see the mods servers, check the Servers filter. Here - If you want to download the mods we hosting manually . Here
  5. okey, Unbanned T/C
  6. Hello , Good job guys Just one comment, if you didn't notice Free Spectating could be used to tell the players positions, so some S&D servers disable it If you want to keep it to hunt the hard campers then it's not bad, but as the health is 100 and dead silent is allowed it will be more of ping war : P Good Luck Everyone
  7. Part One : Get the game files 1 Steam : If you own the game already or if you intend to buy it , then go directly to part two , but in order to get the full game you still have to have the DLC maps. Get them from here. 2 Fitgirl Repacks : You can also get the game from this website Here , safe and tested. it offers the full game Single Player, Multi Player and Zombie with DLCs There are many download methods, many of them have the selective download feature, so you can select the language/files you want . You can have them all if you want, more details in the website ... - Downloading - - You can use torrent if you want " the first 4 links". - i would recommend the 5th link Filehoster: MultiUpload if your transfer speed is limited 1 MB/S or less, JDownloader2 is required for this method so you have to download it first. - If you have really good speed then use the Single Direct Link Filehoster: WorldSrc (24 GB) - If you selected any of the first 5 links, then your selection for English language must have the following (15.4 GB) The following examples and sizes are given for English. For other languages names and sizes it's obviously different . - Installation - Fitgirl Repacks has the advantage of small downloaded-file size (15.4 GB) comparing to the original size after installing (22.2 GB) . but this will cost you a long time installation. from 1 - 4 hours depending on your PC . put the downloaded files in the same folder and start the installation . If you have a good download speed then you can avoid the installation and try the 3rd way below (untested). 3 Installed Game files: Recommended If you have a good download speed and it doesn't matter to you to download 15 or 22 GB then try the following . - Download the game folder (expect of zone) from here , then extract the files - Download the zone folder from here , extract it and copy to the game folder . - Open the redist folder and run every .exe file inside it , then try the SP if it works then you are done , go to Part two. Part Two : Set Up PlutoT6 Plutonium has shut down their projects, so it's not possible to play the game online anymore, instead you can play it Lan, where you can host and your friends can join https://github.com/Jawesome99/IW4x/wiki/Playing-Plutonium-Offline Good luck
  8. Allowed Classes in ProMod server: Assault Rifles: M4A1, SCAR-L, CM901, G36C, ACR 6.8, MK14, AK-47 SMG's: MP5, UMP45 Sniper Rifles: L118A, MSR Shotguns: SPAS-12, Model 1887 Secondary weapons: All pistols allowed Lethal: Frag grenade, Throwing knife Tactical: Flash grenade, Smoke grenade Strike Package: none Death streak: Revenge Everything else is blocked --------------------------------------------- How To Make Custom Class ? 1 Choose any allowed primary weapon without Proficiency or Attachment, then pick up any Cammo you like. 2 Choose any pistol without Attachments . 3 For lethal choose Frag or ThrowingKnife, and for Tactical choose Flash or Smoke grenade. 4 Leave the Perks as they are because they will be automatically disabled. 5 For StrikePackage choose Specialist and disable them all . 6 Choose Revenge as Deathstreak.
  9. then why you applying for unban now ? it's been more than 4 months ...
  10. A question , You were banned since 08/24/2017 or just few days ago ?? @CspXx
  11. @Dizzy123 if you came join team B
  12. Teams are ready * Your name must be exactly as table above or at least close to it . * Team A joins Spetsnaz aka Defense * Team B joins Delta aka Attack --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: tomorrow at 1:00 GMT so for you guys it's the following . @~Ghost 2:00 pm , @Piso 3:00 pm , @PLR. Dush 2:00 pm , @EyePatch 3:00 pm , @mayur2097 6:30 pm , @Mr SAN 3:00 pm , @Dizzy123 4:00 pm , @Filipe_Stark 1:00 pm , @D.Calero19 7:00 am (morning) , @DaBritishCoconutx 3:00 pm , @Adamwaheidi 3:00 pm , @AlcaTraZ 4:00 pm , @NitrousOnnoy 7:00 pm , @mawur1 2:00 pm , @Zero2 2:00 pm , @Crizalid you count it i did my best to fit the players timezone , if you still can't play at this time comment here . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mode : S&D ProMod, close to ESL rules. Map : according to votes it will be lockdown Server: World ELite Tournament , The server is up now We have Created Discord channel at WE group . You guys only can see it , so if can't see it tell Dush to add you there , some of you are not in the in Discord yet . We will contact you from there .
  13. GMT +2:00
  14. Our Manager @PLR. Dush is suggesting a tournament at winter vacation, so before we set the date we would like to take your opinions in some cases knowing that everyone is allowed to join Please vote