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  1. Its being my HONOR to be a part of this great clan only. For 6 years, I have experienced several changes in the clan and met with many new admins. You guys had been great to this clan and contributed utmost to keep this clan alive and one of the best clans ever existed. Would possess various sentiments nurtured on knowing so many unique personalities in this clan and it really hurts a lot to bid farewell to this clan. All of you are engraved on to my memories forever... LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH!! FAREWELL WORLDELITE . . . . Warm Regards to All my little sisters and brothers and some sugar daddys, Bra to some & Brainoo to Naem.
  2. ironsight

    Hello guys! I have recently got to know a game, IRONSIGHT, which has released on 2nd February, 2018. If you enjoy the trailer and wish to play the game, let me know at the comments section. Maybe we all could try this game. I would also download it if I can get some friends to play with Game Details Link:- TRAILER:- HAVE A GREAT DAY !!
  3. Hello Guys! This is a video on Home Automation made by my brother. Hope you all like this video! HAVE A GREAT DAY! ENJOY!
  4. Hi Guys! I liked this song very much and thought of sharing it with you all. Hope you all like it too!
  5. Hello Dushy! @PLR. Dush Thank you for remembering me the Forum Rules.
  6. Hello Guys! For all the RPG lovers, I would suggest you to play BOUND BY FLAME. Its a great game. I havn't played the game until my friend suggested me that I would really enjoy. So, for all those who want to play a game with soothing story and gameplay, BOUND BY FLAME would be perfect. However, the game is not so big and required mid-end graphics card to run it. For high-end users, you may patch the game with great mods. I am providing you with the mod I have used :- GAME TRAILER:- Would suggest more games, at times. HAVE A GREAT DAY & ENJOY !
  7. Resolved. Topic closed.
  8. Hello again, Nika! Please have patience. We are looking into the matter and trying to resolve it at the earliest possible.
  9. Hello Nika !! Do not worry! I see that this is an auto ban and I have checked your ID for any active ban and there is none. I would request you to restart your PC and try again. Please feel free to inform us if this error persists.
  10. Dushy, the great camper!
  11. Many facing this issue where classes are blocked irrespective of the unlocked levels and perks. In this case, no applications to unlock the weapons or levels would be fruitful and you are neither able to change your classes in game nor make your own custom class . Please follow the following steps to solve the issue : 1) Download " localized_ui_mp.ff " from link: here 2) Go to your game root folder ==> zone ==> english ==> copy the file you downloaded and replace it with old one . Credits : @AndroiderPwNz @Brainstorm