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  1. There were six great years WE Things and life change over time, but the memories remain the same. Good and bad moments, friends and enemies, no matter what, I wish you all good luck. I'm very proud of every teamwork that I did with you guys. Keep going and success. Sincerely. LDIEGO80
  2. I have seen the player HDMI in our servers after 1-5-2018, playing normally. Plus, I have not banned him.
  3. Welcome back to our servers Ivan. You have been unbanned. T/C.
  4. Hi Ivan, we are already reviewing this case. We do inspect the players, what happens is that you do not realize because that is not reflected in the show scores.
  5. Dear Terry, Clearly it seems that I made a mistake and I will explain why.. in your specefic case, I trusted in a person who told me to be very sure that you used wallhack and I don't have the proof of it, so that is my mistake and I apologize again. But now, as for your vocabulary and way of expressing yourself to a person and administrator, we will not tolerate it in our clan, therefore I will change the duration and reason of the ban to a week and I really hope you keep in mind the Rule 2 in a future. T/C