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  1. I didn't ban you at first place (it was an ID glitch), not to mention you're unbanned since yesterday ^^.
  2. +++ Good idea.
  3. Games, stop it. You won't get unbanned. Get over it.
  4. denied

    Your demo only proves that you were wallhacking. Topic closed.
  5. unbanned

    Solved, topic locked.
  6. Tournament participants, please be online on the discord channel at least a hour before we start playing. You will receive more details there.
  7. Hello! So you've probably heard of a planned tournament. As you decided it's gonna be Teams vs Teams on Search and Destroy ProMod. Depending on the number of players participating we'll see how teams going to be. As we said before any player can join, but unfortunately we won't accept teams just single players. You can vote for the map in the poll above. So For now I'm only asking you guys to sign up for the tournament whoever wants to participate, so just comment this post with something like "I'll be playing", also please comment your timezone which will make easier to set time of the matches. About Date of the tournament, I was thinking of the next weekend 6th of Jan 2018 so tell me if that's alright and I'm open for eventual suggestions. There will be another thread with more details later with more details, for now I need to know how many people will play.
  8. Mein nigga I think it would be really nice and fun too
  9. Yes, I also thought of standard tdm rules, but everything can be discussed ofc. The 1v1 mode would be either eliminations (eg. 10 players play against each other 5 matches, the ones who win play against the rest) or player with the most kills wins.
  10. You need to contact lolo or sniper25 whenever they're online about that
  11. @Brainstorm Don't post download links to download copyrighted content, this forum is anti piracy ^^. I deleted the links. (Rule #3 : Do NOT post copyright-infringing material. Providing or asking for information on how to illegally obtain copyrighted materials is forbidden.)
  12. Bruh, don't bump posts from half a year ago
  13. Heyo
  14. Oh no