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  1. Hey! how about no?
  2. It was a great adventure, such family <3 It was the best community ever made I hope all of you will be happy and have a safe journey in life and be happy. The day I got accepted in the clan I was very happy that i checked that post 24/7...Thanks to everyone who rated me in this clan and I hope everyone will be happy in there life. WE shared emotions and shared jokes.Ah man that teamwork on village :3 And the very last thing I'd like to say. Thank you for introducing me into video games <3 Good bye family,Good bye community,Good bye WE,Good bye memories. Stay happy and Peace <3
  3. Version 3


    Before I start I'll mention the people who helped making this script and RIP English. szczurcio.[for providing the actual gun rotation because I didn't have time for writing all the script <3 (university)]. Boboo.(helped me getting introduced to InfinityScript <3). AndrioderPwnZ.(This guy is a beast always helped me where I needed helped :3). cubrr.(for providing the tracer <3). Hello everyone! Hope you have a great day.Going to release a Gun Rotation. So lets get right into the features. Special Weapons. F2000 ( Calls a airstrike from above.) DefaultWeapon a.k.a HandGun (Shoots explosive bullets but only has 10 ammo.) Raygun (Its a secondary which always comes with a new gun. I nerfed it a bit so it has 32 ammo in stock and 32 ammo as spare.It has double damage.) Airstrike Caller a.k.a airdrop marker (calls in burst-fire RPG bullets from above.) Suppressed AA12 (Flame thrower.) Suppressed MP7 (Spark gun.) Suppressed Striker ( HERE COMES THE MONEY!!!!!!.) The other guns are the same with no special abilities. And also if you face the throwing knife,betty,emp grenade error meaning pressing g and no weapon appears well I couldn't fix it but if you want then I can fix it for you just pm me with the gun codes. Uses FPS unlocker, Automatically unlock your FPS. If you find any bugs/questions please let me know. TY for reading.
  4. I can only join if the game mode is Infected, Sorry JK,Good luck kS and WE one of the great communities
  5. Welcome back
  6. 26
  7. Riot Unbanned. T/C.
  8. I am late as always but still Happy birthday NAEAMAAAA VIRUSSSSS