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  1. This topic just shocked me , I really don't know what to say i don't know how to thank everyone for the best times you guys owe me a lot i wish i could do better but this is the end i'm sorry if i hurt anyone I will always be proud for being a member in this community at the end there is no such a big word than THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH, I wish you all the best and happiness in your life. Admin: [WE]SniperMan
  2. You are always welcome sir D:
  3. It will be great if DLCs added to inf2 server but not to the rotation so admins can change to DLCs when needed.
  4. You are still a booby to me what ever
  5. I would like to share my strafe jump and lunge montages again because it was deleted in the old website Thank you for watching. -SniperMan ___________________________________________ '''' Lunges montage '''' Strafe jump montage part 1 '''' Strafe jump montage part 2 '''' Strafe jump montage part 3 '''' Strafe jump montage part 4
  6. Unbanned. @Proshot T.C
  7. Aimbot or knife hack whatever you were already breaking Rule#1 If its all good why talking to much and arguing about my decision Get yourself a proof and prove me wrong. Topic Closed.
  8. Next time turn your aimbot off before connecting to the servers If you want to get unbanned post your demo on the unban section not here. @Satire
  9. The ban is by me but i didn't banned you , So it looks like there is a mistake Now you are unbanned @BavarianMotor. Have fun and check the servers rules from here : T.C
  10. Then we can't unban you without the demo.