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  1. Hello everyone, in here you'll learn how to unlock the JET GUN on the campaign. For those who are not familiar with this gun i'll explain it simple: - This WONDER weapon can be found on ZOMBIE (Tranzit on Green Run) and has to be assemble, which means that you'll have to look for the parts in order to build it. However, it'll disassemble after 1 use and you'll have to build it all over again By following the steps on the video you'll manage to unlock it on the CAMPAIGN and use it whenever you want!
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    This is so COD Black ops
  3. Congratulations everyone!!! Keep up the awesomse work!
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  11. @Khaled(DZ) the demo you present occurs on TK infected server. We do not accept demos from other servers. Please present the demo from when you were banned
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