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  1. Long time no see mate. Welcome back!
  2. Welcome back mate!
  3. Where is my Luxray? !!RIOT!! Nice job!
  4. declined

    What the hell is that from 1:50...? Is my game broken or something or does the angle changes when I rewind...?
  5. Failed a better one Aziz.
  6. What the fuck? .-.
  7. WE is known for INF servers. Replacing it looks like a bad idea but I always support having an iSnipe server.
  8. un-banned

    Unbanned! T/C
  9. Happy Birthday @MaxPayne!^^
  10. That's the game. Counter measures are included. If players want to get over it then they use the perk.
  11. Belated Happy Birthday @NaEm brother!
  12. >"Hello I started playing again" >some new admin appears in servers >undercover
  13. WB Virus! Jump hack v4.5 is out...check it out!
  14. Nice one man! Add isnipe to WE >.<