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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all So I made this littel work for the clan , it's a clan trailer that i did it in a short time .. Sorry for the quality and for the shity montages . I promise that I will make more with pro softwares , and the coming one will be much good and AWSOME
  2. A DEMO IS A 360 GAME PLAY OF A MATCH AND RECORD EVERY MOVE YOU MADE THIS IS NOT A VIDEO FILE AND CAN ONLY BE VIEWED FROM MW3 There are two ways to get your demo/gameplay of a match THE FIRST BY DOWNLOADING A MINI TOOL WHILST THE OTHER IS MANUAL ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st: MINI TOOL 1- Download the tool 2- Find the file location eg mw3/main/demo 3- Find the file you want and look at the file name 4- Now go to your demo folder and find the same one 2nd: MANUAL WAY 1- Open VAULT 2- Click THEATRE 3- Find the map you want (if you were banned find the map of the last game before you were banned) ! record the time eg: 11:51 yours will be different 4- Go to your mw3 folder and click main 5- Click demo 6- Now find the one with the time closest after it the match was at 11:51 for me and it lasted 4 min so ill find the one around 11:54 etc Credits : @Exile @Sniper 25
  3. Hi All This tool unlock everything by just one click Level 80, prestige 10, 15 Classes with all features, Titles, Emblems Download the Unlocker.exe --> then run MW3 --> click on unlock all DOWNLAOD HERE Enjoy ...... Credits: @Canon Edited by @Mr SAN
  4. Hello there , so today I wanted to show you the importance of fps in mw3 ... Hope you like it
  5. Hope you all like it :3 -Perfectionist
  6. A random moment ....
  7. Hi there !! So today i'm going to show you how to edit your Tag or Title on mw3 -The easiest way : 1- Open Your mw3 launcher 2- Enter to settings 3- And there , You can change your tag / title - For Tag it's easy , You just need to type what ever you want (4 letters) , but if you want to use color u need to type " ^+1-9 " For example if you want to type WE Just type ^1WE in there ------> Here is all the colors that you can use ----> - For title Also easy , but the title that you use it need to not contain spaces , So if want to use it you need to type also whatever you want , and for colors " ^+1-9 " For example if you want to type World-Elite Just type ^^1World-Elite -----> Notice : Watch out there is double "^" So why you need to write double "^" And your title shouldn't contain spaces Reasons : To avoid game crash at the beginning ----------> This will save , That's mean you don't need to do it every time <--------- - Other Way : There is players who don't use tekno launcher , So they need to use trainers "The only solution " I recommend for you guys the Elite Trainer because it can unlock all titels and emblems + can change skins for weapon ( The winter camo and also the marine ) Link : --------> This will not save , You need to do it every time <-------- Enjoy <3
  8. Hello guys, here is a simple tutorial to recover your stats & classes in case, with the update, you lost them. So let's begin. 1) Go to your Tekno folder, into dw: 2) Then locate the files ending by .stat (That's your profile files). 3) Then copy the last 8 numbers/letters from the profile you're looking for (Latest by date or whatever you please, if you can't find the one you want, simply try all of them) 4) Now, go into your teknogods.ini file, and in ID line, paste those 8 chars P.S (1): To enlarge images, click on them. P.S (2): If you've problems, feel free to open a thread in "Help" section. P.S (3): If it didn't work, copy the profile from the dw folder into your mw3 root folder.
  9. Many facing this issue where classes are blocked irrespective of the unlocked levels and perks. In this case, no applications to unlock the weapons or levels would be fruitful and you are neither able to change your classes in game nor make your own custom class . Please follow the following steps to solve the issue : 1) Download " localized_ui_mp.ff " from link: here 2) Go to your game root folder ==> zone ==> english ==> copy the file you downloaded and replace it with old one . Credits : @AndroiderPwNz @Brainstorm
  10. Credits: @al3asefa @Fishwad
  11. First Open Steam -> go LIBRARY -> TOOLS -> Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Dedicated Server -> Install Game ... Second Go to the download folder Better to copy a paste of the folder to your D:/ dirctory Third You need to back on Mw3 1.4.382 , so TeknoMw3 works download this and copy it to your game directory. Here MW3 1.4.382 Fourth Download the last official version of TeknoMw3, Version and copy it to your game directory folder . Here TeknoMW3 Start the launcher If your game crashed (stopped working) after clicking on play , then Here a HOT FIX . --------------------------------------------------- start your game go options and enable the servers list JOIN US
  12. ~~ If you want to download the DLC Maps Go here ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *************************************************************************************************************** ~~ If you miss a specific map/s with this video~~ The needed files here If you still have problems contact us at Our discord channel