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Mario Ayman

Unban Request by Mario Ayman

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Unban Request by Mario Ayman

1) Server you were banned from :

World ELite Server INF2

2) Nickname:


3) screenshot of the message when you try to connect :

like these pictures ... <<Remove these 2 pictures and upload your own screenshot>>


4) Date of ban :


5) What happened exactly ?

okay that is not a unban request i have i problem with connect to INF2 server i was playing then suddenly appear u r permban when i connect again say 1005 Invald connection
i asked admins (admin Stark) they say that iam not in ban list i didnt use any hacks or something like this i can connect to other servers normally idk what happend
i res my router my whole game and still i cant connect to the server
this message not first appear when it appears i res game then i can connect to server but now i cant connect to server any more
thanks in advance

6) Proof/Reason why you should get unbanned :


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