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INF2 Server Rules

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INF2 Server Rules :

Rule #1: No hacking!   --->  Permanent Ban
Rule #2: No abusive language towards admins or other players!   ---> warn ---> kick ---> Temporary Ban
Rule #3: No arguing with admins! (listen and learn or leave)! --->  warn --->  mute --->  kick 
Rule #4: No recruiting for your clan, server, or anything else!   ---> warn ---> kick
Rule #5: Do NOT block others!   --->  warn ---> kick ---> Temporary Ban       
Rule #6: Leave your glitched spot when you get your moab! (only if you are one of 2 last humans)  ---> warn ---> kick --->   Temporary Ban         
rule details Here
Rule #7: 1st infected must kill someone before lunge!     ---> warn ---> kick
Rule #8: Do NOT ragequit when getting infected! (try at least 5 times before leaving)   ---> Temporary Ban

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