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World Elite

Admin Rules

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 Admins and Members of  World Elite MUST follow these rules!

Admins rules:
Rule #1: You must follow all rules in the servers and ensure that other players following the rules too. 
Rule #2: Be active in all servers and don't be absent for more than 1 week without telling the owners .
Rule #3: You can't be in other clan ( No double clan ).
Rule #4: Don't insult players even if they are acting inappropriate or hacking (Just do your work). 
Rule #5: Listen to the owners / Admins with higher level .
Rule #6: Do NOT abuse your power as admin, be fair and nice .
Rule #7: Check the hackers by yourself , and be sure before judge.

Rule #8: You are NOT allowed to BanTempBan/ Kick/ Warn other admins, this might result you removing from the clan.
                (If you have issues with other admins talk to the owners). (you may Kick them if only if they were AFK)
Rule #9: Do NOT judge a player because of personal issues. 

Rule #10: Make sure to follow the Forum Rules and other users follow them as well.

Rule #11: Do NOT unban any player who was banned by a different admin without asking permissions to unban & understanding the case
this will cause a lot of issues, so avoid that & leave it until those admin give their point of view .

Rule #12: Do NOT interferes with other admins judgments or bans, you have something to say about their judges talk to them nicely in PM, its better to talk to @Sniper 25, @Mr SAN @AndroiderPwNz if you think their judges weren't good (don't argue with them)


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