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How to Download/get Call of Duty 4

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 Part One:  Get the game files.

1  You can download it from this direct link. (Safe and Recommended)


 2  Or you can simply download it from NOSteam. Download Full Game only, no need for Patch or anything else .
then your will be ready. So you can skip to  Part Three


 3   If you own the original game then you're good to go, Skip this to  Part Two 


 Part Two:  Update your game to Cod4x18 -17.7 
This Part is needed if you followed  1  or  3  in  Part One 

Go and download Windows Client (17.7)
- Extract the folder cod4x18_v17_7_client in Root COD4 folder.
- Then click Install.cmd to install the 1.8 Client.
- Then Open iw3mp.exe and check out the version .
- Enjoy :)

the Video below shows  Part Two  step by step.




 Part Three:  [Optional] get the mods ready.
This Part provides information and fixes to some issues related mostly to mods servers in COD4.

- If Have troubles finding our servers, you can always save time and effort by joining directly from the browser Here

- If you don't see the mods servers, check the Servers filter. Here

- If you want to download the mods we hosting manually  . Here


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